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Chapter 10 - Pineapple Art Model

  • ~ Daniella ~
  • The second half of the session had started and here I am making a mannequin out of myself again. I did say that I felt like a queen an hour ago because of Vincent and Enrique’s warm gazes at me right? Now, I tell you, I feel like a prisoner with Erik’s accusatory and possessive glances. After doing some hasty strokes and weird actions with his brush, he hadn’t touched the canvas thereafter. It had been probably fifteen minutes past since he sat on his artist chair, silent, with one finger tracing the fine curve of his bottom lip. It was the middle finger and I would have thought of it as just insignificant if not for the object he was wearing...
  • The spotlights were really bright but even so I still could determine a small greenish flare from Erik’s direction. Curious, I moved my eyes to see what was causing it. My mouth immediately opened after realizing he was wearing the ring (my RING!) in his middle finger. If I’m not mistaken, I think he was flagging the ring clearly for me to see. I couldn’t believe he has my family’s heirloom all these time!
  • I remember when I went to the Lost-And-Found Section yesterday morning before I went to the grand ballroom, the male staff told me that no one had come to surrender the emerald ring. I thought that a staff in the grand ballroom that was present during our decoration must have found it and probably handed it to the Section, but I guess not. I was dejected, yes. I couldn’t possibly return to New York without that heirloom with me.
  • Mom is going to kill me if she finds out I lost it.
  • So I pleaded my case to the man. Long story short, the Section manager said they would do a thorough interview and inspection on all of the staff of the chateau for the ring, and before I leave, they would give me a response and I hope it would be favorable.
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