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Chapter 8

  • " What do you want me to tell you Sebas? It isn't on you that I can start talking without thinking, you said it yourself ' we all started this together "' I said. We're still at 8:00 and I'm already this fed-up with all this, how will I Cope with all this? How does others do to continue living like this?
  • " I'm sorry, it exactly because of this that I'm sorry. He's older than you, he should be more responsible given that he's even a man but, Oliver can't prevent himself from giving me headache at every single occasion he has. I have you his number because I thought he had changed, he hasn't brought us a girl home for more than 15 months now " he said.
  • " Are you serious Sebas? I need a man to help me cope with all this, not somebody I've to take care of. Your son has his devil's and I have mine, he's fighting against his as I am but I need someone different, I don't means a guy without any devil cause we all have one but, some one with devil's I can live with " I explain.
  • " I know but what can the father in me do? You my dream daughter in-law as well as daughter, given that you haven't let me adopted you, I want to have married Oliver to have you my daughter in-law. I think life has other plans for you, cause what's the probability that of all the restaurant our little town has, you have you first date in the restaurant where one of his mental ex-girl friend work as waitress? " Ne désespère pas petit "( don't give up kid)" he Finished his cup.
  • " Thank you, I knew you will understand. Please can you pass the information to Oliver, I've already received numerous calls from him this morning. I don't want to be rude to him because of you but, if he doesn't stop I will be oblige to put him as well as that stupid ex of him to their places " I told him tactfully .
  • " I understand kid, now he know how to regret " I retorted " don't go easy on her, she deserves what you throw her way and more "
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