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Chapter 4

  • After a long day of work, I drove to Nadine Aton apartment to release some frustration. I fucking need an outlet to this accumulated frustration and she's not only the best choice but also the only best best friend I have in the world. Now you all know who Nadine is to me but not who she's.
  • Nadine Aton is a young lady of 28yrs who did nursing school after her advance level but work in her own company today, her company do in importing wine and distributing it all around the continent. She's really ambitious and lovely, that why she's my BFF. She has a good husband Enrique Aton who is working in his own beverage company. They have two cute kids, that's Andy Aton and her brother Andrew, don't asked me why they love name starting with 'and' cause I'm still trying to understand.
  • I know, you want to know how a sexy self centered, arrogant and rude Young entrepreneur as myself become friend with such a cute and lovely young lady. Have you heard about this ' opposite are attracted to each other ' I know it's more sexy in French.
  • It was in primary school, primary 4 or 5, I was this bishy class head girl (prefect) everyone in class hate due to my bad habit, I was so mean to my class mates but since I was the prefect everyone let it go. To understand how mean I was, one day on our way home, a class mate who was asking me water since morning came to me " Luna we already going home, please since you still have water, please give me some" she begged. She said please two times!
  • I opened my water bottle and threw the water on the ground " now it's empty, I don't have any water to give you", She ran crying. But since I was the prefect nobody refuse when I asked, until Nadine. She was new in class so i treated her as everyone, she asked me a pen since I had more than 2, but i refuse.
  • The next day during break she bought bread to everyone in class telling everyone not to give anyone to me. I was so hurt that I cried the night through and ask my dad what to do.
  • The next day when she asked my sweets, I shared equally and we become the best of friends. She was always there to tell what was good and what wasn't till we finished high school.
  • I reach their house, I will surely describe it someday but not today, I'm sooo tire I can hardly lift a finger.
  • " Nadine, Nadine" I shouted.
  • " What is it with you always entering my house shouting my name? Shut the fuck-up before you wake the kids up" she shouted.
  • " Evening to you too, I also miss you" I pouted " such a killer Joy Nadine, when is the last time you saw me? Do you even know what happened to the last person that dare answered me like that?" I said.
  • " Luna stop messing around, yesterday we were together, I was the last person to answer you like that " she shrubs my words just like that, I'm really hurt ' I'm not speaking with her again'.
  • " So Lu what the reason of this visit? You won't tell me you left your office early just to great me? " She asked.
  • ' we're not talking to her, no I won't fall for her tentation' I thought.
  • " If you don't want to answer no PB, I will go to look after the kids" she said " if you're hungry you know the way to the kitchen"
  • " I have a date with Oliver Brinks " I shouted.
  • She came back running " you just said what? My God I'm I hearing things?" She said " since when are you doing date? Takam don't try my patient, spite it all now and here"
  • " It's all started after our last meeting, when each of you was feeding me dogs food with your families. I felt something shift in me, I felt so hurt and left out that I ran back to my empty apartment" I started.
  • " I so sorry, I didn't know that I will hurt you that much. You're so free and independent, I sometimes envy you and your freedom. When you left I thought you had your things to do" she said.
  • " Yes i had my things to do, that is cry for the first time since I don't know when. So after coming to the realization I needed a husband, I decided to find myself one " I said " but on Tuesday evening I don't know how they discovered but everybody new about my search. My partners started mentioning their respective son's and grandchildren. After thinking I decided to use what I have to get what I need"
  • " Explain, how? " She asked.
  • " I have you, my family and my partners without forgetting dating site. I will use this to find myself a husband. I started with my partners and their proposal, so I have a date with Oliver Brinks"
  • " I understand, I won't tell you anything about this, but choose well sis. you know what mom always said ' veux mieux etre seul que d'être mal accompagnier'. You already a big girl, there's nothing that I caurself " shen say that you don't know, so enjoy yo cheers me up
  • " so if we start preparing you for that date?"
  • Chapter three
  • Nadine help me prepare myself for my first date for a very long time. But before anything I've to send a message to Oliver about where he'll pick me up.
  • Time to find myself a sexy dress for the occasion. you have all realize I won't buy a new Dress for this or any other organized dates if that depends on me but it doesn't when Nadine is in the place.