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Chapter 10

  • I can continue seeing this, I'm intruding on their family matters and it isn't even satisfactory listening to this. yes I can't continent listen to a father treating his son in front of a stranger as well as siblings as a trash, I can understand his feelings now but the reaction to these feeling is hurting a being precious to him, he can't control himself but I can stop this and I will be. I understand he's a dad, he's a Christian from birth and he doesn't believe in a man falling in love with another but trashy his son publicly won't change a thing. If I remember correctly there's a text in his Bible who asks parents not to irritate their kids.
  • " Miss violet your food was very delicious, thanks for your reception. I felt home with you kids, but I should be going it's getting late " I said standing up.
  • " You're welcome Luna, if don't find a problem I'll be calling you Luna and I will like you to do the same " replied violet.
  • " No, there isn't any problem violet " I smile moving to the door ' I have to be out of here before it becomes more shameful than this ' I thought.
  • " Bye kids, bye Duran next time I make sure to keep you " I said going out ' I will never set my foot in this mansion again if its depends on me' I thought " Silas aren't you bringing me back home? I don't believe I can walk in this " I said pointing to my heels. I know i could call a taxi, but how will be gate of the situation he find himself in? His mom gave smile one of those smile to show her gratitude, cause she couldn't say thank you in the situation we found ourselves in .
  • He was touch so profoundly by what just happened, if he new it will end like this, I'm sure he would had borrow money for a friend for the restaurant.
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