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The Duke Wedded a CEO

The Duke Wedded a CEO

Takem bithia

Update: 2022-03-08

Chapter 1

  • Elsa invited me to their apartment yesterday for revision, when I saw were they're living I nearly pass out due to both the smells, the mud as well as their the building. How can people live in this condition, they had nothing to eat or water to drink. Their junior sister was crying pitifully because she was very hungry and tasty, if you only see how grateful they was towards me when I gave them my money my mom gave me for my purse, a purse I didn't need. We aren't rich but we never goes a day without food or a new year without new clothes, I never new that somebody could make days without eating, not to talk about a kid of 6 yrs old. To say I have friends who used more than 1000$ for breakfast, why is life this unjust? I asked myself.
  • That's why I decided that I was going to work harder than everybody, yes I was going to work as a slave if I had to become a billionaire. You may asked yourself why I haven't chosen the shortest way, that is married a rich man and become a rich woman by association. I couldn't and won't count on others to help the poor while with all the chances my parents offer me I could become a person able to help others.
  • After some yes studying in a private college I started my first plantation in which I employed all the free skill labor found in the ghetto town in which Elsa and her family reside. Soon after I opened the second plantation, after the third until I reach where I am today. As for other business I opened them with the benefits I got from the apartment I built in town. I only employed and form inhabitants of poor towns.
  • When you're poor you aren't given a choice on many important decision concerning your own life, if you decide to educate yourself where will you find a job? If you choose to work, who will employe you when you don't have any experience? If you decide to married yourself, the probability of falling on a poor pevert is 75%, the probability of marrying a poor ambitious man is 15%, probability of marrying a poor lazy man is 10%, the probability of marrying a middle class man is 3.5% and the probability of marrying a rich man is 1.5%, that is for women.
  • As for young men, their situation is more complicated. The can decide to continue their education at the detriment of one or two sisters send to married depending on the beauty of the young girls, some decide to choose the part of no-return that is drugs dealing which is always follow by drugs consumption, some young men choice because artist (singers, dancers, comedy), but that part isn't different from the self destructive part of drugs dealing, we experience the rape until death of a young musicians who didn't receive any justice even after the afford made by his mom to fight against those who did this.
  • That's the live of inhabitants of ghetto town, rape both on young men and women, drugs, prostitution as well as early marriages. But what can we do about this, what can a woman fight for the right of those that can't and won't fight for their right? How can bird fight for the right of worms in the forest? Apart from writing these she can't do anything better. She's sometime force to asked herself as well as her many third world government; what is democracy? What freedom of speech? What is equity and equality? If you ask this question to any young pupil or students, they will happily repeat what how multiple corrupt teacher pile up in our ghetto public school taught them " democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people".
  • But we all know that reality is different from ideality. Democracy is " the government of rich people by modern Nobles for the advantage of the privilege".
  • I was thinking about all these in my office when my cute assistant mail me some documents. Yes now I'm a CEO of my own company, due to my numerous exercises in gyms as well as rings I have a perfect body, as for my beauty it's undeniable. I'm the sexiest female of my fucking continent according to the latest news as well as the 10 in the world. With all this what could I possibly lack? Please don't fucking say Love, because love is freaking synonymous to pleasure derive from fucking or unsatisfy desire, yes a man is in love only with a woman he desire or still want to fuck with after having fuck the life off her more than twice. That's what I understood or retain from the panoply of romantic novels I red, be it historical [ any duchess will do], fantasy [throne of Glasses], billionaire [fifty shades of grey] as well as paranormals [ my mute soulmate], I not talk about transmigration or reincarnation novels. Logical conclusion I'm accomplish, I'm happy as well as regularly satisfied.
  • Many generally have this stupid idea that only men can decide to live happily alone while fucking everything with skirt, but I will fucking have to wake their lazy self from this illusion, yes this freaking dream because it can only be a dream because in this century I think everyone should be able to live how he/she wants, to fuck who he or like, if it's legal as well as consensual while should others interfere.
  • Some funny friends say I don't believe in love or anything related to the foolish subject because I've never been in love, let wait when I ( want to say fall but I fucking hate losing and losing isn't very far from falling) so let say get in love, let wait till I love getting things. I love getting things, especially when it's not expensive while not free. I'm not those feminist who fight for the right to get the addition or always wanted share the cost of thing with their boy friends.