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Chapter 7

  • Four weeks’ time made a miraculous difference in the weathered hotel. A double oak stairway replaced the single set of stairs, and Tora’s fingers ran along the twisted chrome railing as he ascended to the balcony. Round marble tables now speckled the entryway with cushioned swivel stools around. A clear awning over crisscrossed beams replaced the dark panels from before. He did not know how Farrent pulled it off, but the transformation of the hotel into a club was coming along perfectly. He crossed his arms and gazed around.
  • “I was wondering when you were going to get here,” Farrent said as he pushed through the double doors of the entrance.
  • “It looks good...damn good.” Tora nodded.
  • “I agree, and look at that view. The overflow out here might as well be permanent seating. I think a lot of the customers will want to stay outdoors.”
  • “You think...even with the dance floor and televisions inside. I guess we should add that rooftop balcony for those who want more privacy. I remember we talked about that.”
  • “Yes, it would be good for those who want a breather from the VIP room. They won’t have to come all the way down stairs.”
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