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The Dome of Mafia

The Dome of Mafia


Update: 2022-04-22

Chapter 1

  • Ramble - that was all his father did was ramble...on and on until Tora neared the brink of insanity. Tora's one hand gripped the dark strands of his hair; the other pounded the table, making a cracking sound echo throughout the ritzy restaurant.
  • "I said enough," he barked, immediately silencing the aging man sitting across as several diners shifted uncomfortably in their seats. Tora lowered his tone to a harsh whisper and leaned forward. "There is no way I will ever consider the daughter of that fool, Roland. Christ, we would be on the radar of every fed in the state if I became involved in that man's affairs. We don't need the same sort of drama that he has brought to his ranks - to his own family."
  • "But the businesses, Son," Toni scowled at his disrespect. "You would gain his estate and his ranks in exchange for her protection. Roland would be out of the picture."
  • "Who cares what I gain," Tora scoffed. "I am making a fortune with what I have."
  • "You know how it works. Money makes the that you don't have enough of right now."
  • Tora inhaled as he closed his eyes. It was always the same with his father. He talked of nothing else but her. "And what of the girl? You would have a strange woman that we have never met fall in with our family. Do you really expect me to trust her as my wife considering what man raised her?"
  • "...because you have chosen not to meet her. How do you know you won't like her if you never put forth the effort. You don't know. You may actually like her."
  • "Farrent," Tora glanced at the tanned man sitting next to him. "Talk some sense into my father."
  • Farrent crossed his arms and tried to ignore him. However, Farrent's input counted every bit as much as Tora's did. That was why Tora hired him - to take on these problematic situations - like his father.
  • Farrent shrugged. He seemed annoyed with the feud between Tora and Toni. "I have already pointed out the pros and cons of the marriage. You both already know how I feel about it." Farrent paused and took a drink of his coffee. "Look, next time though, could you both wait until after we eat to start arguing? You might both be calmer after breakfast. Have you ever thought about that?"
  • Both father and son became quiet and stared at him; then Tora glared and tossed his napkin on the table. "Then this visit is over if you have nothing useful to add, Farrent. We need to leave anyway and drive down to Key Biscayne."
  • Toni's brows narrowed; his lips pursed together, making the wrinkles around his mouth deepen. "Very well, Tora. Ignore my wishes if that is the type of son I have raised you to become."
  • Tora shook his head and let out a frustrated huff. "Father, I am not ignoring your wishes. I would gladly meet the woman if Roland were not her father. I know you like him, but wherever he goes, trouble follows. You already know that. So find another woman for me to marry, else you will leave me no choice but to choose a wife myself. I am not growing any younger."
  • Tora turned away and jerked his chin for Farrent to follow. As the door shut to the restaurant, Tora stopped for a moment for him to catch up. "How long has it been since my father and Roland started this shit with the daughter?" Tora asked but needed no answer. It just made him mad again and he stormed down the ramp to the parking area.
  • "Well, you could meet her if it will satisfy them."
  • "Right," Tora groaned. "You know even if I did, they would still harass me about marrying her."
  • "How old are you turning this year, Tora?"
  • "Twenty-nine."
  • "Then marry her," Farrent said simply. "It isn't like you have any other woman in mind."
  • "I had a woman in mind," Tora spout. "My mother hated Giana."
  • "What are you talking about? She wasn't wife material. Besides, you couldn't stand that woman. She couldn't even make a cup of coffee much less raise a family like you want."
  • "Well," Tora rolled his eyes. "Even if that's true, she was still loyal."
  • "Yes, she was, and for all the wrong reasons. Just marry Roland's daughter. The daughter of a mob boss will suit your tastes. As you said, you are not getting any younger. Do you really want to turn forty by the time you have your first child?"
  • Tora's eyes tapered as he slammed the door on the Escalade. "Well, this affects you none. Why do you care who I marry and has my kids?" he said as Farrent slipped in the passenger's seat beside him. Tora did not want to discuss the daughter anymore and slapped the driver's seat in front of him. "Brett, step on it - Key Biscayne. Get me out of here."