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Chapter 97 Reinforcements

  • Just as Lan Muwei was still in a confusion, someone asked a bit more trenchant question this time, "Miss Lan, can you please explain whether the framework of this fan which you designed is made of bone or Blue-and-White Chinese porcelain?"
  • The question asked was on point because the extreme controversy on the internet mostly revolved around the material of the fan.
  • Lan Zhixi once claimed on the competition that the framework of the fan was made of Blue-and-White Chinese porcelain, but someone spread the rumors on the internet that it was instead made of animal bone, and that Lan Zhixi was just a thief who had stolen her friend's design.
  • As expected, once this question was posed to her, a dark look settled on Lan Zhixi's face. Momentarily lost in thought, she stared at the man who had made the inquiry before responding with a faint smile.
  • "I have explained earlier that the fan is personally designed by me, and that the framework is made of Blue-and-White Chinese porcelain, instead of bone," she replied.
  • Lan Zhixi gave a confident smile, showing no trace of panic like when she had been exposed the other time. She had answered so calmly as if she was already prepared for it.
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