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Chapter 88 Feeling Repulsed

  • A few days had passed, but Liu Xin and Lan Zhixi still hadn't made any movements yet. Meanwhile, notification from Ji Lan had arrived.
  • Though this variety show revolved around design, its best selling point was actually its lineup of various celebrities.
  • Moreover, the permanent host of this show was the role model and senior host in the TV hosting world.
  • So it wasn't that easy at all for Lan Muwei to have obtained this opportunity. Though she didn't gain the support of Feng Shihan, she still wanted to give it a try.
  • She had made appointment with Ji Lan to meet tomorrow morning. There was going to be a meet-up tomorrow, so that everyone could gather and get to know each other before the show started.
  • A newcomer designer who had just been scouted like her was considered lucky to be invited. Especially considering that she was originally a model, she reckoned that she should be one of the highlights of the entire show.
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