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Chapter 86 Let Me Hold You for Awhile

  • The moment Fu Chen increased the bid, President Wang, who was unwilling to give in too, also raised his bid paddle. "Eight million," he declared.
  • The auctioneer shouted excitedly, "Eight million going once! Going twice!"
  • Just when everyone assumed that Fu Chen would be the next one placing the bid, Feng Shihan slowly raised his bid paddle and said, "Ten million."
  • The moment a sky-high price of ten million was shouted, the audience, who had been silent, suddenly went wild once again. Even President Wang looked over curiously to Lan Muwei and Feng Shihan.
  • When he recognized Feng Shihan, President Wang turned to speak something to Wang Li, which made her pout and scowl. Though she didn't talk back, it was obvious that she wasn't happy.
  • From afar, President Wang made a hand gesture at Feng Shihan signalling him to go ahead as a sign of goodwill. If Feng Shihan wanted to have the item, he was willing to let go of it and would not continue to bid.
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