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Chapter 84 Charity Auction

  • Only after they reached home did Lan Muwei finally feel relieved. Luckily she was able to avoid getting into trouble as Feng Shihan didn't insist on knowing about her relationship with Eric. She felt bad for using Ye Mo's death to divert Feng Shihan's attention, though.
  • "There's a charity auction tonight. Spruce yourself up a little. You'll come with me later." Feng Shihan's words were very straightforward though it was meant as an invitation to her.
  • Charity auction? Lan Muwei thought. Could it be the same event for which she had promised Ji Lan to do a runway show? It was also supposed to be today...
  • Well, whether it was the same event or not, she would have to refuse Ji Lan this time. Since Feng Shihan had already made it clear that she must go with him, then all her time tonight would be his.
  • She waited until Feng Shihan had gone up to his room, then secretly took out her cellphone and called Ji Lan.
  • "There's a change of situation here, so I can't walk on the runway tonight. I'm sorry," she told Ji Lan on the phone.
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