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Chapter 83 An Awkward Encounter

  • No longer paying further attention on Lan Muwei, Feng Shiyi went back to arranging the documents. He only had to work for one more day until Feng Shihan was back to take over his work. He was so exhilarated that these papers now looked adorable in his eyes.
  • Lan Muwei shook her head, trying to get rid of these inexplicable emotions she had earlier. Why did she suddenly feel so down? She thought.
  • Everything was progressing favorably as she had planned. As long as she continued one step at a time to accomplish her goals, she was certain that revenge was just around the corner. And yet, why did she feel so hesitant now...
  • Anyway, deciding to ignore these depressing thoughts, she sorted out her mixed feelings and proceeded to get ready. After letting Feng Shiyi know that she was going out, she walked out of the office and made a phone call.
  • She was back at the same old place. It was snowing heavily outside the window next to the table where she was sitting at. Fluttering snowflakes fell from the grey skies, then dropped on top of the roofs, streets and streetlights...
  • Lan Muwei looked out to the crowd on the streets, lost in thought.
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