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Chapter 82 It’s the Design They Admire

  • “I’ll…I’ll sign it!” Liu Xin exclaimed. How could she miss this chance? All her worries subsided when she saw Feng Shiyi was getting irritated. “I’ll sign it now,” she repeated.
  • She took up a pen and signed her name on the contract. In a businesslike manner, Feng Shiyi took over the duplicate copies of the contract and put down his signature.
  • Sitting in the office next door, Lan Muwei was dumbfounded.
  • She never thought that things could be settled this way. She was a little concerned about letting Feng Shiyi handle it at first, but now she realized this easy task wasn’t at all too much for him to handle. He deserves to be a member of the Feng family, she thought approvingly.
  • Even after Liu Xin had soon left exultantly with the contract, Lan Muwei was still in awe as she walked into the office to see Feng Shiyi.
  • “Muwei?” Feng Shiyi called out, waving his hand in front of her. Only then did she regain her focus completely.
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