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Chapter 69 – Wang Meng is Kidnapped

  • “Of course it’s real!” Lan Zhixi spoke even louder so that she could give Lan Muwei more of an impact as she continued, “Although he seemed like a playboy, his heart only has room for one person.”
  • Lan Zhixi had also deeply fallen in love with Fu Chen originally because of this reason. However, she hadn’t expected that Lan Muwei had obtained his heart first. This was also why Lan Zhixi had become so obsessive over Fu Chen.
  • Lan Muwei nodded and smiled. “It seems that I’ll have to thank Miss Lan for reminding me. If it wasn’t for your reminder, I would have…” Lan Muwei left the rest unsaid.
  • Lan Muwei mentally scoffed at how Lan Zhixi heaved an obvious sigh of relief. Lan Zhixi had just said that Fu Chen only loved her dead sister, yet she was still trying to make him hers.
  • Not only that, Lan Zhixi was clearly the culprit who had caused Lan Muwei’s death. Yet, Lan Zhixi dared to say such things without any trace of regret. She really felt no guilt at all.
  • Lan Zhixi raised her head to look at Lan Muwei. She saw that the latter didn’t seem to be lying, so she said, “No need to thank me. Just stay far away from him.”
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