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Chapter 62 – Ye Chen

  • Lan Muwei sat down on the passenger side of the car. She didn’t even know why, but she felt as if it was only natural to follow Feng Shihan, ride in his car, and sit down on the passenger side.
  • Only after she realized what she was doing did she notice that something seemed to be off. “Where are you going?”
  • Feng Shihan wasn’t driving towards the way home, nor was he driving towards the Feng Corporation, which was why Lan Muwei was wondering.
  • Feng Shihan glanced at Lan Muwei and lightly replied, “I’m going to the Ye Corporation.”
  • “The Ye Corporation? Why are we going there? Hasn’t the contract for the Platinum Center already been signed?” Lan Muwei tilted her head in puzzlement.
  • Last time, they had left in a bit of a hurry. She had also argued with Feng Shihan regarding the fashion show afterwards, which was why she hadn’t done anything with this collaboration project since then.
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