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Chapter 61 – Dealing With Another Woman

  • “Hmm?” Lan Muwei nodded in understanding while questioningly looking over at Wang Li.
  • Only then did Wang Li realize that a woman was sitting across from Feng Shihan. “Shihan, who is she?” Wang Li didn’t even think about it as she glanced jealously over at Lan Muwei.
  • Lan Muwei put down her chopsticks with some bafflement. She wanted to hear how Feng Shihan would explain things.
  • Feng Shihan’s expression didn’t change one bit from being stared at by two women. He calmly stated, “She’s my personal assistant.” For some reason, Feng Shihan even observed Lan Muwei’s expression as he gave such an answer.
  • “Personal assistant?” Lan Muwei was rather amused as she glanced at Feng Shihan. She then unhurriedly picked up her purse and remarked, “Yes, I’m President Feng’s personal assistant.”
  • Lan Muwei got up elegantly and looked at Wang Li who was dressed extravagantly. Lan Muwei had a questioning expression as she asked, “And you are…?”
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