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Chapter 59 – Another Argument

  • Feng Shiyi’s expression collapsed when he was asked what type of soup this was. He said rather anxiously, “I made some millet gruel. I cooked it for really long, but it didn’t seem like it was fully cooked. I just checked it, and it seems ready now.”
  • Lan Muwei was amused as she nodded. She looked closer and really did see white porridge. The rice porridge did seem rather normal.
  • Seeing that Feng Shiyi looked rather depressed, Lan Muwei offered, “I’ll try a little.”
  • Feng Shiyi immediately broke out into a bright smile. He had already mentally prepared himself for his porridge being refused out of disgust. “Okay, okay. I’ll bring you a bowl right now.”
  • He placed the soup pot on the table, turned around, and ran into the kitchen. Soon, he returned from the kitchen with two bowls and soup spoons.
  • Lan Muwei was rather surprised as she looked at Feng Shiyi. He used well-practiced movements to ladle the rice porridge and then pushed a bowl in front of her, acting as if he was waiting to be praised.
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