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Chapter 57 - Eric

  • Ji Lan hadn’t felt assured, which was why he had come over here to assist Lan Muwei. But actually, Lan Muwei was capable of dealing with small fashion shows like this one by herself.
  • Lan Muwei nodded as she went up onto the stage. The other women where chatting and laughing with each other when they saw Lan Muwei arrived.
  • One of them seemed to be rather brave as she walked over towards Lan Muwei with a gentle smile. “Are you a newcomer? I haven’t seen you before.”
  • These fashion models were mostly all from the modeling industry, so most of them knew each other already. It was relatively rare to see a new face.
  • That was why she had guessed that Lan Muwei was a newcomer to the modeling industry. Lan Muwei nodded and smiled gently in return. “Yes, I suppose.”
  • Actually, Su Wan had previously been a model as well. It was just that Su Wan’s original style had been rather different from Lan Muwei’s current style, so Lan Muwei currently interacted with a different group of models than Su Wan had.
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