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Chapter 55 – Italian Company’s Representative

  • “Why can’t it be this way?” Feng Shihan replied lightly with a sigh that even he didn’t detect. “These two brothers are the type where one’s willing to do the beating, and the other is willing to receive the beating.”
  • Not long after, the two of them arrived at the Ye Corporation. Lan Muwei couldn’t help but exclaim a little after hearing Feng Shihan’s story as she glanced up at this tall building.
  • Ye Mo’s secretary came out to greet them. He led both directly to the company president’s personal elevator. He was really respectful to both of them all along the way.
  • Only when the elevator stopped did the secretary say, “President Feng, Miss Su, our president is already inside waiting for you.” As he said this, he held the elevator door open and let the two exit first.
  • Feng Shihan nodded calmly and then glanced at Lan Muwei. He held on to Lan Muwei’s hand quite naturally as the two exited the elevator together.
  • Lan Muwei was rather surprised by Feng Shihan’s action. She didn’t understand what he meant.
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