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Chapter 54 - Ye Mo’s apology

  • Lan Muwei had her back to Feng Shihan on the bed. Nowadays, she could even calmly share the same bed with an ice mountain like Feng Shihan. She even didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore. In fact, sometimes when Feng Shihan came home late from work, she would even feel unaccustomed to sleeping by herself.
  • She forcefully shook her head, chasing away such a scary idea. She couldn’t possibly be addicted to his handsomeness. If she really fell in love with an ice mountain like Feng Shihan, she would probably suffer greatly!
  • Lan Muwei felt her heart hurting slightly as she thought of what had happened to the original Su Wan. It was as if her body responded and felt uncomfortable as well.
  • Lan Muwei stopped herself from thinking such random things as she told herself to go to sleep while closing her eyes.
  • Finally, she fell asleep, but she didn’t get to dream for very long before she was woken up by her cell phone.
  • “Hello?” Lan Muwei annoyed picked up her cell phone from the bedside dresser. She didn’t even glance at the phone’s screen to see who it was as she directly picked up the call.
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