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Chapter 53 - The Atmosphere Is Natural With No Need for Soup

  • “I…” Jian Ruo was rendered speechless by Lan Muwei. Jian Ruo didn’t even know what to counter with. This woman in front of her seemed like a parasite inside herself, seeing through everything about her.
  • Jian Ruo usually hated such a feeling, but for some reason, she wasn’t repulsed by this Su Wan.
  • “Let’s leave things at this for today, and stop here.” Lan Muwei knew that everything needed to be taken slowly. She had already told plenty to Jian Ruo today. If she said any more, she was afraid that she would become just like Jian Ruo.
  • “You…” Jian Ruo raised her head after some deep contemplation. She didn’t know how to face Su Wan anymore. This woman was just like a riddle, giving her clues as well as a tremendous impact.
  • “No need to say more.” Lan Muwei organized her own emotions before looking towards Jian Ruo who was still in thought. “Think about things on your own. It will depend on you if you believe my words or not.”
  • Lan Muwei then immediately left the cafe. Her faked calmness had already collapsed. Her emotions were in utter turmoil inside.
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