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Chapter 49 - Getting Entangled With Liu Xin

  • The secretary broke out into a cold sweat as she exited Feng Shihan’s office. She then nodded slightly towards Liu Xin who was waiting at the office door. “Miss Liu, President Feng says you can enter.” The secretary then immediately ran off.
  • Feng Shihan coldly glared at her. “If you have official business, then say it. I don’t have time to waste.” Over the past few days, he had been really annoyed by Liu Xin. But, due to Grandma Feng’s orders, he had to be at least somewhat polite to her.
  • Liu Xin aggrievedly stomped her foot and bit her lower lip. “I came all the way here to give you the acquisition plan, but you’re being so mean to me!”
  • Feng Shihan didn’t care about Liu Xin’s behavior. He simply set aside his documents and reached out his hand. “Where’s the acquisition plan?” If it wasn’t for wanting to see just what Liu Xin intended today, he would have long since kicked her out already.
  • Only then did Liu Xin take out the acquisition plan from her bag. She acted really aggrieved as she placed it in Feng Shihan’s hands. “Shihan, I already gave you the acquisition plan, so just agree already!”
  • Feng Shihan realized that Liu Xin was beginning the same thing again after he heard this.
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