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Chapter 42 - Liu Xin’s Intention

  • “It’s Miss Liu Xin, the heir to the Liu Corporation. She’s here to find Mr. Feng Shiyi,” Housekeeper Chen told them.
  • When Feng Shiyi heard that it was Liu Xin, he also furrowed his eyebrows. Standing at the side, Lan Muwei could only inwardly exclaim that these two brothers appeared to be quite similar when they were furrowing their eyebrows.
  • “Why does she want to see me?”
  • Before Housekeeper Chen could respond, a cutesy voice spoke up from inside. “Shiyi! How come you didn’t even notify when you returned to the country?” Her voice was filled with complaints.
  • “Who do you think you are! Why must I tell you if I’m returning?” Shiyi retorted. Although he really liked beautiful women, he had no interest in Liu Xin. While he would flirt with other beautiful women in order to try and get into their good graces, he didn’t want to have anything to do with Liu Xin.
  • “Miss Liu, long time no see.” Feng Shihan instantly recalled which Liu Family’s daughter she was when he saw her.
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