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Chapter 40 - Feng Shiyi’s return

  • Grandma Feng was so astonished that she couldn’t say anything for a while. “Little Yi?”
  • “It’s me, Grandma, I’m back!” Feng Shiyi arched his lips in a smile. Even though he was making such a frivolous expression, it looked really pleasant when he was the one doing it. He also had a simple earring in his left ear. All of him seemed to give off a flippant aura.
  • “Come over here, let Grandma take a good look at you. Has my Little Yi grown up yet…” Grandma Feng excitedly pulled on this youth’s hand. She hadn’t seen this grandson of hers for so long now. She had almost forgotten what he looked like.
  • “Grandma, it hasn’t been that long…” Feng Shiyi couldn’t help but say this, but he still obediently came up to let Grandma Feng take a closer look. “Besides, I’m already past the age where my body will keep growing.” He still kept commenting.
  • “Little Yi, Little Yi… it’s good that you’re back.” It was evident that Grandma Feng still hadn’t calmed down yet. She kept running her wrinkled fingers over Feng Shiyi’s handsome face. “This time, you won’t be leaving, right?”
  • Grandma Feng’s husband had died early into their marriage. She had single handedly raised their only son. Later in life, her son and daughter-in-law had died young in a car accident, leaving behind only two grandsons. Grandma Feng naturally treasured her two grandsons more than anything.
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