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Chapter 24 - Reward You With a Kiss

  • Lan Muwei folded her arms and silently waited to see what new trick Lin Yayu would come up with this time. However, she only saw that the angry Lin Yayu was rendered speechless.
  • “Lin Yayu, if there’s nothing else, I still have a lot of work to deal with. I’ll be focusing on work now.”
  • Tears started pouring out of Lin Yayu’s eyes before she said through her sobs, “What did you tell President Feng? He always yells at me the moment that he sees me.”
  • Lan Muwei smiled coldly. Feng Shihan had been yelling at Lin Yayu? Why would that have anything to do with her? What did Lin Yayu think that crying in front of her would accomplish?
  • The other employees were all whispering to themselves about this. In Lan Muwei’s previous life, she had never experienced how frightful gossip could be, but now she was experiencing it many times over, all because of Lin Yayu.
  • “Su Wan isn’t simple at all. She already knows how to tattle even though she just joined the design department,” one person said condescendingly.
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