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Chapter 23 - Doing One’s Responsibility

  • Lan Muwei elegantly sat down and flipped through the tasks that Chief Wu had left for her. She picked up her cup and drank some cold water. Her eyes seemed to be as bright as the stars.
  • “Muwei, the Feng Corporation is about to come out with a new makeup product. All of us must submit a design for it.” Liu Lu smiled as she placed some paperwork on Lan Muwei’s table while pointing at the product introduction on the paperwork. “Take a good look at this, then give the design to Chief Wu in three days.”
  • Lan Muwei’s eyes showed a smile and sign of gratefulness as she carefully placed the product introduction paperwork into her document bag.
  • “Lulu, I should be the one telling Wanwan if there’s anything to do. Wanwan was already holding a grudge against me, so with you doing this, it seems like I’m intentionally not telling Wanwan about the work.”
  • Lin Yayu was wearing a pair of incredibly tall high heels. She was also wearing thick makeup today. She had also intentionally chosen a really red shade of lipstick. Her eyes showed resentment as she angrily warned Liu Lu.
  • Liu Lu had been working in the Feng Corporation for three years already. She had never antagonized a single person here before. Nor was she the type to try and stir up trouble. However, she did know the phrase that a workplace was like a battlefield. Upon seeing Lin Yayu come to warn her, Liu Lu could only worriedly glance over at Lan Muwei and sigh as she lowered her head and began her own work.
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