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Chapter 22 - Foreplay is Required

  • Lan Muwei smiled confidently as she hailed a taxi from the roadside and returned to the mansion. When she opened the door, she saw that Feng Shihan was carefully tasting a cup of coffee while sitting on the sofa.
  • Lan Muwei chose to ignore him, but he stood up and suddenly embraced her. When he smelled the faint scent of makeup, he furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “Where did you go?”
  • Lan Muwei smiled in a flattering manner while constantly blinking as she pouted. “Dear husband, is your heart moved by seeing me look like this?”
  • Feng Shihan’s mouth twitched as he let go of her and replied in serious tone, “My heart’s not moved, but it might not be a bad idea to simply have you.”
  • Feng Shihan had an absolutely perfect and handsome face. He was also perfectly proportioned and even had toned abs. He was someone any woman would drool over.
  • “Dear husband, you want me so quickly? How about we kiss first? Foreplay is required.” Lan Muwei pursed her lips and seemed like she was asking for a kiss.
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