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Chapter 21 - Breaking out of the Cocoon to become a Butterfly

  • Lan Muwei smiled to reveal her bright white teeth. Her expression was shining as she arched her eyebrows upward. Although this was the same expression as before, Lan Zhixi deeply sensed condescension and sarcasm. She really wanted to rip apart this blindingly bright smile before her.
  • “President Feng, won’t you introduce us? She taught me so much knowledge,” Lan Zhixi almost roared while gritting her teeth, as if she was a trapped beast.
  • Lan Muwei calmly responded, “Hello, my name is Su Wan. This is all actually some of the most basic common knowledge.”
  • Basically, she was saying that Lan Zhixi didn’t even know the most basic common knowledge.
  • Lan Zhixi’s expression paled as she tightly bit onto her lips while holding on to Fu Chen’s arm. “Fu Chen, let’s hurry and go already. There’s still things we must deal with at the company.”
  • Lan Zhixi wouldn’t be able to refrain from slapping that face if she didn’t leave now.
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