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Chapter 183 Doom and Gloom Under the Sun

  • These words that came out of Zhou Ran's mouth had seemed rather merciless, but Lan Zhixi didn't feel any murderous intent from his tone at all, making her unconsciously glance up with slight suspicion.
  • And she had merely raised her eyes only to find herself look straight into Zhou Ran's deep obsidian eyes, which were so dark and menacing as though she was about to be engulfed in the cold darkness.
  • Hastily lowering her eyes, she answered, "Of course."
  • Seeing that Lan Zhixi unconsciously showed a nervous look on her face, Zhou Ran's lips curled into a sneer. He really liked such feeling of dominating others. The more he could terrify them, the more pleasure he felt.
  • Lan Zhixi nervously lowered her head, but then felt herself being a bit too disgraceful for behaving so timidly. So, trying hard to hold back her fear, she then looked straight into Zhou Ran's eyes and asked, "What about the thing I want?"
  • This was the only thing she wanted to know, which was also her purpose for coming here today.
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