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Chapter 178 Worried

  • The assistant nodded eagerly, while Chen Ze said, "Alright. I'll tag along then."
  • Then, Lan Muwei left the filming location together with them. On the other hand, with a malicious glint flitted across her eyes, Lan Zhixi glowered at the three of them chattering animatedly as they walked away.
  • After lunch, Lan Muwei decisively chose to go back to Feng Residence. Since she hadn't seen Jian Ruo in the morning, she couldn't help wondering how Jian Ruo was settling down in Feng Residence.
  • But, when she had just reached Feng Residence, she received a phone call from Fu Chen. Why did Fu Chen call her? Lan Muwei thought with confusion. They had just seen each other on the show, but Fu Chen hadn't looked for her at that time. Instead, he chose to contact her only after such a long time.
  • Lan Muwei answered the phone call, but didn't speak a word. Then, a low, husky voice sounded from the other side of the line, "Miss Su..."
  • Lan Muwei's eyebrow twitched once at his voice. Her intuition told her that something bad would definitely happen whenever Fu Chen talked in such manner. Yet, before she could have a chance at making other speculations, Fu Chen already got straight to the point by saying, "I have something to discuss with you. May I know if you're convenient to meet up?"
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