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Chapter 172 Emotional Breakdown

  • The Chinese dishes served on the dining table were especially sumptuous today. Because Grandma Feng hadn't come downstairs to have meal with the rest of them in a long time, a specially made dinner was served today.
  • "Grandma, this is Jian Ruo's cousin brother, Sun Yue. He's here visiting Jian Ruo," introduced Lan Muwei, feeling it was truly a little unseemly of her to have constantly brought people back to their house these few days. Hence, now she could only admit her indiscretion early and wait for what was coming to her.
  • Certainly understanding that Grandma Feng was the head of the family, Sun Yue promptly greeted, "Madam Feng, how do you do?"
  • Grandma Feng, who seemed very delighted, held Lan Muwei's hand and said, "It's been a long since we have such a huge crowd in our house. I'm very happy to have your friends over. Help yourselves to the food."
  • Then, she smiled, "Wanwan, help me take good care of the guests..."
  • Lan Muwei quickly acceded, "Sure, grandma."
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