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Chapter 171 On the Horns of a Dilemma

  • When Fu Chen answered the phone call, a man's lazy voice sounded on the other side of the phone, "President Fu, I've found out the information you wanted. It's already been sent to your email address. But, considering that you wanted me to investigate her social contacts, don't tell me you're going to start keeping a tight rein on her now?"
  • He sounded a bit serious, but mainly he was teasing Fu Chen. Still, Fu Chen did not really care about the obvious satire in his words.
  • "That's none of your business. Just continue to keep an eye on her," urged Fu Chen, ignoring that person's teasing comments. He was apposing the cell phone to his ear with one hand while naturally placing another hand on the mouse and fleetly clicking open his mailbox on the computer screen.
  • "Speaking of which, I just recalled something. Lan Zhixi met a woman today," the man spoke in a somewhat mysterious manner, arousing Fu Chen's curiosity all of a sudden.
  • "Who?" he asked, mainly curious about who exactly it was that made Zhou Ran find it necessary to mention to him specifically.
  • "At first, I thought it's just an ordinary woman. But, after my investigation, I realized it wasn't that simple after all. That woman is Su Wan's elder sister, only that she is in fact an illegitimate daughter and is made known to the public as Su Wan's younger sister," explained Zhou Ran, unable to stop once he started telling a story.
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