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Chapter 170 Getting Suspicious

  • Noticing that Sun Yue had leaned closer, Lan Muwei replied laughingly at once, "Nothing..." Promptly, Jian Ruo also went along and tried to pass it off.
  • Sun Yue felt curious, but since they had acted as if nothing was amiss, he could only suppress his curiosity.
  • "Let's continue the game!"
  • Lan Muwei urged hastily, then picked up the playing card before her. Once she saw her card, her lips curled up into a smile as she turned over the card and declared victoriously, "I'm the king in this round."
  • Feng Shihan beside her quirked his eyebrow and looked her directly in the eyes. Slightly embarrassed under his intense gaze, Lan Muwei took back her card and cleared her throat.
  • "The player who got card number three shall carry the player with card number one in his arms and spin around once!" she exclaimed. Compared to what they had played just now, Lan Muwei's condition totally seemed a little too ordinary. Nevertheless, this was already the best she could think of.
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