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Chapter 158 Decision

  • But, this was just Lan Muwei's most one-sided thought as she didn't even know herself what her inmost thought was.
  • After the three of them were seated properly, she shut the lid of the computer in front of her. She took a glance at Ji Lan, then shifted her gaze to Feng Shiyi, who was sitting upright on the sofa. She let out a sigh, not knowing where to start or what to talk first.
  • She felt like everything had been so messed up, and she had been preoccupied with too many matters that she didn't even know which one she should start dealing with.
  • Noticing her sigh, Ji Lan picked up his briefcase he had with him earlier. He had been out to have a business talk with Fu Chen, so naturally he had brought the contract, along with other important documents related to Lan Muwei's upcoming schedule.
  • Now that Lan Muwei wanted to quit the entertainment industry, he certainly had to plan her upcoming schedule well. He would have to negotiate with the show organizer, which she had contracted with, to let her either withdraw directly or join the final episode of the show as her final work in the entertainment industry.
  • Noticing that Ji Lan had started to take action, Lan Muwei then shifted her gaze towards him. Feng Shiyi also looked at him with keen curiosity. Only until he saw that Ji Lan took out a document from his briefcase did he finally withdraw his eyes with slight disappointment and sit obediently on the sofa while watching them with a long face.
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