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Chapter 157 Agony and Struggle

  • While Lan Muwei was editing her statement that she was about to publish, Ji Lan looked on by her side while Feng Shiyi merely sat there, without knowing what he should do for the time being.
  • Equally as clueless as Feng Shiyi was Ji Lan's assistant, whose face had been marked by bewilderment since the moment he had woken up. Other than asking Lan Muwei in shock why she was here in the beginning, he had been in a state of confusion in the entire process since then.
  • So, now he was just cluelessly watching Lan Muwei as she started to edit the text to be posted on her social media.
  • Lan Muwei finished editing her official statement shortly after a few minutes. Then, shifting her computer slightly to her left, she asked, "Ji Lan, is this alright?"
  • Lan Muwei had seldom managed her own social media as Ji Lan was the one who had been managing it for her. But now, when she was finally publishing a social post on her own, it turned out to be her final statement of her quitting the entertainment industry. She admitted it was rather upsetting, but her top priority now was to cut the Gordian knot.
  • Ji Lan nodded approvingly. He had been watching her editing, so naturally he could see the content clearly.
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