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Chapter 153 Lan Zhixi Realized

  • Lan Muwei observed him signing the contract, and knew that this matter was all settled. Fu Chen signed both copies of the contract, then handed them back to her. She took them over and signed her name on each copy, then handed one copy back to him.
  • At last, this contract was bound and they both smiled at each other.
  • "Miss Su, I look forward to our future collaboration," spoke Fu Chen with a gracious smile, extending his hand to her like a gentleman.
  • Lan Muwei reached out and shook his hand. But, while they were shaking hands, she had other thoughts in her mind.
  • Now that the contract had been signed, their collaboration was already definite and unshakable. Still, she had yet to know about the outcome on Ji Lan's side.
  • At the thought of Ji Lan, Lan Muwei felt she still had to clarify some things. Judging from Fu Chen's behavior today, he obviously knew that Ji Lan couldn't have made it, which was why he had long been waiting leisurely at this mountain villa for her to come.
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