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Chapter 146 Finding a Place for Jian Ruo

  • Snapping out of his daze, Feng Shiyi rubbed his head with slight embarrassment. Then, as if he hadn't heard Lan Muwei's question, he asked in confusion, "What were you asking about?"
  • Lan Muwei rolled her eyes in resignation. She had grasped Feng Shiyi's personality now. Though Feng Shihan and him were brothers, they had nothing in resemblance at all.
  • Feng Shihan was smart, aloof and steady whereas Feng Shiyi was not only careless, he had also no prudence at all. But, unlike Feng Shihan, he wouldn't keep people at a distance.
  • "Have you investigated the driver already?" she repeated her question with a sigh. She had calmed down now, instead of being speechless like she had been earlier.
  • "Huh? The driver?" uttered Feng Shiyi, recalling the conversation they had earlier upon hearing her words. Lan Muwei had indeed asked him to investigate the driver.
  • And indeed, he had also found out something after a day of investigation.
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