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Chapter 144 Express Desire to Collaborate

  • "Huh?" uttered Feng Shiyi in stupefaction. His head was full of questions about Gu Wenxue, and yet now, Feng Shihan had stopped him from probing further. All of a sudden, he was itching for answers as if thousands and thousands of ants were crawling all over him right now.
  • "......"
  • Feng Shihan didn't reply him, but merely closed his eyes to rest.
  • Feeling a little awkward, Feng Shiyi rubbed his head and could only leave the hospital with all the questions he had.
  • "Miss Su? What a coincidence..." Lan Muwei heard a familiar voice as soon as she was out of the hospital.
  • She had been walking with her head held low, repetitively thinking about Feng Shihan's words just now without paying attention to her surrounding. She looked up upon hearing the voice, and indeed, saw a familiar person.
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