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Chapter 141 First Place

  • "Come on, Liu Rou. Don't make such a fuss," urged that young man, who no longer could endure it. He stopped Liu Rou, who was still throwing a tantrum, then smiled at Lan Muwei apologetically.
  • Since they had only just started, it really wasn't necessary to quarrel among each other. After all, they still had to attend this show together for another two days, so it would be rather awkward if they were to fall out now.
  • "I'm not making a fuss!" blustered Liu Rou angrily even after the young man in her team had helped her up. She was really exhausted, but she could see from the expression on Lan Muwei's face that Lan Muwei obviously did not believe her, which was truly rather irritating.
  • In all her life, no one ever had the nerves to look at her like that!
  • "Fine, you're not making a fuss," said the young man accommodatingly at once, knowing well that it wasn't sensible to reason with girls. After noticing that Liu Rou didn't look that furious anymore, he then spoke softly, "Still, we'd better go. After all, there may be clues for us."
  • Liu Rou?
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