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Chapter 136 Familiar Teammate

  • Time flew so fast, and the hot summer arrived as if it was just a blink of an eye. Lan Muwei's entertainment career was going very smoothly, and in the meantime, the entire Xiangjiang City was also very peaceful.
  • Like the calm before the storm, the countless sinister forces had withheld their devil talons, and even Lan Zhixi, who was normally the most misbehaved one, had stopped her constant provocation towards Lan Muwei.
  • Lan Muwei felt that her life had returned to its usual quiet and peaceful days. Other than some minor commercial jobs, she had nothing else to enliven her life.
  • The second episode of "The People's New Outfit" had already been shot some time ago, during which Lan Zhixi and she had worked in peace. Lan Zhixi hadn't picked on her so frequently like she used to before, and thus, she also wouldn't go around looking for a fight with Lan Zhixi for no reason.
  • After all, what she had really planned was far from engaging in such trivial things. Therefore, there was no need at all for her to mess around with Lan Zhixi so much.
  • After a few episodes of "The People's New Outfit" had been broadcasted, both of them had gained quite some popularity, while Lan Zhixi had also cleared up her previous bad reputation quite a lot.
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