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Chapter 135 A Vicious Cycle of Guilt

  • Meanwhile, Fu Chen certainly didn't know that, after he had left, Feng Shihan had summoned a band of people to rescue Jian Ruo from Boss Zhang's hands, and had even affected Boss Zhang's opinion of him.
  • After he had just finished transferring all his goods, he received news that the mayor wanted to see him.
  • His subordinate had told him that the invitation was received at Fu Residence, and it was indeed someone of the Municipal Committee who had come to extend the mayor's invitation. But, Fu Chen didn't know why the mayor wanted to see him at this time.
  • He was a little exasperated, but refusing to see the mayor also wasn't the solution now. He only knew that it wasn't appropriate to do anything reckless under the current situation.
  • Now, what he should do most was to do nothing. But, if he were to do nothing under the current situation, it might lead to a more serious consequence. So, he had to strike first and gain the initiative.
  • He would accept the mayor's invitation, but before that, he had to thoroughly investigate the mayor's intention first.
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