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Chapter 133 Atrocity

  • Boss Zhang was a little dubious when he saw that Fu Chen had agreed to release Jian Ruo so easily. But, once he heard what Fu Chen said afterwards, he understood right away and praised Fu Chen for his brilliant, devious scheme.
  • They smiled at each other deviously. Then, Boss Zhang immediately ordered his underlings to execute Fu Chen's plan.
  • Since Jian Ruo had witnessed their crime, they also had their way of making her unable to expose them. After all, they were rather experienced in threatening people, not to mention the idea Fu Chen proposed was totally a brilliant, never-failing trick used against women.
  • Certainly, there was no woman who didn't care about her own chastity.
  • At this point, Lan Muwei and Feng Shihan certainly couldn't have expected that because they had pushed Boss Zhang and Fu Chen into a corner, Jian Ruo had to undergo a great trauma later on.
  • And at this very moment, Jian Ruo was trapped alone at the bottom compartment of the ship cabin, which was guarded by a few of Boss Zhang's underlings.
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