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Chapter 127 A Weird Place

  • Noticing Lan Muwei's hands around his arm, Fu Chen replied with a smile, "Sure." Then, without showing any respect for Su Qian, he straightaway took Lan Muwei out of the building.
  • Su Qian stood there in fury, but without being able to let off steam, she could only glare intensely at Lan Muwei and Fu Chen as they walked away. Her eyes blazed with anger when she saw how intimate they were.
  • Just you wait and see, Su Wan! Su Qian gritted her teeth, despising this so-called elder sister even more. She would definitely let Su Wan suffer for humiliating her today!
  • "Thank you," said Lan Muwei when they were out of Su Qian's sight. Just as she was about to let go of Fu Chen's arm, he suddenly held her hand, causing her to look at him in stupefaction.
  • But, Fu Chen didn't speak a word. He merely looked at her for a while. Then, as if realizing that Lan Muwei was staring at him, he spoke, "You're welcome. But, is that person just now really your younger sister?"
  • Skepticism was written all over his face. Putting aside the question about who was older or younger, the two of them didn't look alike at all. Besides, judging from how they had argued with each other, they didn't seem very close indeed.
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