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Chapter 126 Seizing the Chance To Humiliate

  • Lan Muwei appeared to be smiling obsequiously, but in her mind, she had another thought. This cunning fox had indeed noticed something was wrong, after all.
  • Fu Chen smiled as cunningly as a fox, but still conducted himself very well outwardly. Noticing that Lan Muwei was going to bow in apology, he immediately extended his hand to hold her up.
  • "There is no need to apologize. But, you may thank me instead," he said.
  • Lan Muwei was stunned momentarily by the warmth of his hands, and in a heartbeat, nervously pulled her hands away from his.
  • "Then, why not I treat you to dinner?" she said, completely baffled. She really couldn't figure out what he was trying to get from her.
  • One who was unaccountably solicitous must be hiding evil intentions!
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