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Chapter 119 I Want To Tell You

  • "Nothing...," Lan Muwei replied, unwittingly shutting her notebook computer. Without having to turn her head, she could also knew right away that it was Feng Shihan.
  • Feng Shihan sat next to her, but made sure not to get too close like he just had. A tense atmosphere permeated the air as they sat there in silence.
  • Then, Feng Shihan broke the silence and spoke, "I..." He was just about to say something when Lan Muwei interrupted him.
  • "I still have something to do. Please go on with your work," said Lan Muwei, hastily moving away from him. She really didn't know how to face him right now. After all, this man had hurt her feelings so deeply last night, and yet now, treated her like he normally did as if he had forgotten everything that had happened.
  • A speck of bewilderment flitted across Feng Shihan's eyes as he watched her leave. What on earth had he done last night? Had he done something after he got drunk, but had forgotten about it?
  • Holding back the dismay in his heart, he shook his head dismissively. Never mind, he thought. Since Lan Muwei had said that she was busy, he would then respect her privacy.
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