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Chapter 116 Standoff

  • "Are you bent on opposing me?" uttered Lan Muwei without thinking. What was wrong with Feng Shihan today?
  • He was the one who was clearly at fault, and he was also the one who had come home late. Yet, he still had the nerves to question her for being late. She felt herself so aggrieved right now, but didn't know how to express her feelings.
  • Besides, how could she say anything when he was now siding with Gu Wenxue while they were in a standoff, facing off against each other?
  • When Feng Shihan saw how vulnerable she looked standing there on her own, he felt a sudden tightening in his chest for no reason. But very soon, he pushed the thought away once he was reminded of the complicated relationship between Lan Muwei and Eric. This wasn't the first time he had caught them together, and yet, now they even had their photos leaked out!
  • "I oppose you?" he asked. He averted his gaze towards his hands he placed on his knees, clenching and releasing his fists. Then, he continued, "Why aren't you explaining to me your reason for coming home so late?"
  • "Why ain't I explaining?" Lan Muwei said in disbelief, as though she had heard something funny. Tilting her head and staring at Feng Shihan, who had questioned her in a seemingly plausible manner, she snapped, "Why should I explain? Don't you know why?"
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