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Chapter 107 Scapegoat

  • Liu Xin slightly quivered under their intense gazes. Then, she mustered up the courage and finally spoke, "Anyhow, I bet Fu Chen is the one who's responsible over Ye Mo's death! I was totally kept in the dark, and didn't know what has happened at all!"
  • After listening to Liu Xin's explanation, Grandma Feng's infuriated expression softened a little. "Is it true? Do you have any evidence to prove your innocence?" she asked Liu Xin.
  • Grandma Feng had always stressed the importance of material evidence in attesting the truth. If Liu Xin couldn't show her any physical evidence, Grandma Feng wouldn't also believe her completely. But since Liu Xin was willing to explain, as an elder, she would also give an ear to Liu Xin. Though, in the end, it was still up to her whether to believe Liu Xin or not.
  • Liu Xin looked up, and took a few glances at Grandma Feng. Seeing that Grandma Feng was already back to her usual placid self, Liu Xin finally felt relieved and said, "Grandma, I will show you evidence! Please give me some time! I haven't been sitting on it and doing nothing. Once I found out that I was deceived by Fu Chen, I have been investigating the matter! The results will be out soon!"
  • Observing Liu Xin, who was sitting opposite her, confidently making her pledge to show Grandma Feng evidence, Lan Muwei couldn't help mocking inwardly. If she hadn't seen the different side of Liu Xin's personality, she could have almost been deceived by Liu Xin's acting right now.
  • Feng Shihan and Lan Muwei exchanged a meaningful glance. Needless to say, Liu Xin was obviously acting.
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