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Chapter 106 Liu Xin's Arguments

  • After she walked out of the bedroom, Lan Muwei took a backward glance and felt relieved when she saw him following behind.
  • Noticing that she had stolen a glance at him, the smile on Feng Shihan's face deepened. Almost dazzled by his attractive smile, she quickly withdrew her eyes from him.
  • She didn't know why after being together for such a long time, she still couldn't get used to his natural, irresistible magnetism.
  • They both came downstairs only to find that Grandma Feng hadn't come down yet. Only after they had asked Mr. Chen did they know that Liu Xin was already here, and was now in Grandma Feng's room.
  • Furrowing his eyebrows, Feng Shihan glanced towards Mr. Chen and asked, "How long has she been here?"
  • Mr. Chen looked at his watch first, then promptly answered, "Almost half an hour."
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