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Chapter 104 No End of Trouble

  • This time, Lan Muwei was rather clueless of what Feng Shihan was planning to do. She had thought earlier that he didn't want to meddle with the matters involving the variety job she took. But it seemed like now he wasn't as reluctant as she had imagined.
  • Lan Muwei was about to express her gratitude when she suddenly recalled that Feng Shihan had told her not to thank him, and so, she just let it drop.
  • Without noticing her unusual behavior, Feng Shihan took her hand, then together they directly exited the garage and walked towards the main house.
  • As soon as they entered the house, they saw Grandma Feng, who was arranging the flowers. She seemed to be in a good mood.
  • Lan Muwei hadn't been able to spend time with Grandma Feng during the past few days because she had been busy with preparing for the variety show. So, now when she saw Grandma Feng, she felt much closer to Grandma Feng than before.
  • "Grandma!" she called out affectionately.
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