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Chapter 4

  • Marriage. She had thought it was such a big word to her, especially at her current age. Though it had been uncommon in the past for immortals to marry before the age of 50,000 years, many strayed from the ways of antiquity. More immortals were getting married earlier, and despite his traditionality, her father did not have any qualms about her getting married at the age of 35,000 years. The only thing she perceived to be an issue was her growing interest in Yingshang, and the sinful kiss they had shared under the roof of his abode, Shazhui (The Fool's Chase).
  • Immortals were free from the seven emotions and six desires that hounded mortals, but they were still bound to have feelings and sentiments. Many immortals still fell prey to desires of romance, but not many were blessed with a happy ending. It took more than just two compatible people to be together, immortal destinies were often predestined. For an immortal who had ascended from cultivating for lifetimes, it was said that they were less likely to desire love. Since she was born after her father was a few hundred thousand immortal years old, she was not free from this torment. Furthermore, she had not liked any immortal similar to how she had liked Yingshang. It was just that they were not a good match, and she did not possess any merits to be destined to Yingshang.
  • Back in the past, her father had cultivated for several lifetimes, performing good deeds to an extent that allowed him to be accepted in the immortal realms as a deity, before being promoted to the ranks of immortal, and gradually, in favour of his achievements in the heavens, the Jade Emperor had chosen him as a god. Qiwan admired her father exceedingly to have undergone many tests and trials to become who he was today. Though she was her father's next of kin, she did not find herself capable of performing what he had achieved.
  • Lord Wen's marriage to his two wives and three concubines had been arranged by the Heavens, and her mother had been his youngest concubine. Her mother had produced for him eight children, and she was the last child borne to him before her mother had passed. Nevertheless, he had no other children with his other spouses, reason that her mother had been his true love. He had no sexual relations with his other spouses due to this exact reason. Qiwan had seven older siblings which were three older sisters and four older brothers. Qiwan was exceptionally close with the sister who had been born before her, Quyan.
  • Quyan was married to a scholarly immortal who was Lord Wen's prized student Little Xu, and the only one out of her older sisters who did not have her marriage ordered by her father, mainly because her father loved her husband dearly as if he was his son. At times, Qiwan would visit Quyan; she found Quyan's life and role as the Goddess of Agriculture interesting. Qiwan would venture about the mortal realms with her older sister while donning a cloak and mask that would keep her invisible from the mortals and at the same time, unrecognizable by the local deities.
  • Five tutelary deities, otherwise known as earth immortals, roamed the mortal realms and reported to higher immortals with news of what was happening on Earth. Qiwan could not wait until she received her assignment as a goddess. She had painstakingly cultivated day and night to achieve a divine brilliance unique to her own, but her power was still too shallow.
  • As days went by and her focus became much clearer, she concentrated and focused her energy using an image of the snowy forest, to attempt to uncover the reasons why she was in the forest. Every single time she started meditating to find her answers and discovered herself a step closer to unsealing the truth, she instead became distracted.
  • .....................................................................
  • It was a cold and bleak morning in the season of winter, when she reflected on her father's words the previous season. Recalling how Lord Wen had told her of Di Qing being a suitable husband for her, she made up her mind to find out who this person was for herself. As she was extremely focused on her practice, she realized she had missed taking a few peeks at Yingshang while he was at the celestial palace.
  • Di Qing had ascended recently, and where else could he be but the heavens? It was unbelievable how a man of little cultivation would have the audacity to ask for her hand in marriage, and so this immortal had to be no ordinary person. Tang Jing acquired some information that Di Qing was often found around the lotus pond, where he would read scrolls to gain knowledge. So this Di Qing, was he a frog immortal (and hence loved the pond), or a bookworm like her father had wanted her to be? She couldn't wait until she uncovered the truth for herself. Perhaps there would be some way to prevent this unity, as she did not want to marry Di Qing or succumb to her father's wishes. She yearned to be free, and find her true love like Quyan.
  • She halted her footsteps at the pond, seeing the back of an immortal in black facing her.
  • "Greetings," she called out. "Young immortal, are you Immortal Di Qing?"
  • There was no reply, so she treaded closer. She arrived behind the immortal and called again to him. Suddenly the immortal turned around and pulled on her sleeve, causing her to fall into his arms unceremoniously. When she realized who he was, it was much too late, as he had captured her with a binding spell and she could not free herself.
  • A smile spread across his lips as he used an instant teleportation spell to send them into a majestic forest.
  • "Yingshang, let me go," she said crossly.
  • Yingshang folded his arms across his chest arrogantly. "Have you forgotten what I have said during our previous meeting?"
  • She feigned ignorance. "I don't know what you are talking about, Yingshang. I am the daughter of a honourable god. Why have you trapped me here beyond my will?"
  • "I have not trapped you, my love." He smiled mischievously at her.
  • Qiwan found that she could free herself, but as her power was not at its strongest, she would not be able to find her way back. Yingshang continued to press his body against her while she was lying down on a heap of leaves where they had landed on. The scenery about them was breathtakingly beautiful, and she turned her head to take a few glances about the place.
  • "Do you like it here, Qiwan?" he asked her, stroking her chin and sending shivers down her spine.
  • "Where are we?" she inquired. She breathed in his scent, and regained her composure. Yingshang did not seem a threat to her, and it was her second time being alone with him since waking up.
  • "We are in the Eternal Forest of Fenyu. This is another place that only we know to exist," Yingshang explained calmly.
  • "How is that possible? My Lord Father, he doesn't know of this place?"
  • "It was destroyed thousands of years ago. I have recreated it, and this will be our little secret."
  • Yingshang lay Qiwan down on the leaves, and gazed into her eyes. He leaned over her reclined body and smothered her with kisses, driving a fiery passion through her body. She felt so soft and submissive while being subdued by the powerful and dominant god. Every fairy and female immortal in the heavens feared this young son of the Jade Emperor, and he was still unmarried even after arriving at the age of a god.
  • Though she was already about thirty thousand years of immortal age, there was a lot she didn't know, and his kisses had been so engaging and playful that it was invoking much lust in her. He coaxed her to allow his tongue inside her mouth deeper, and they discovered the heat of each other's bodies. With him, she was slowly forgetting what it meant to be the obedient and virtuous goddess she had strived to be all her years. He was cajoling her, tainting her innocence slowly from the inside. She felt a strong desire to belong to him, and every time she was alone with him, she was like a different person. He commandeered her, and his dominance pulled her close to him.
  • She didn't fully understand her lust as an immortal, but she knew that she was yielding to him. Her abdomen was burning so badly that she wanted to pull everything off and surrender to him, but she held back. Her mother had taught her that it wasn't appropriate, and they were left staring at the final layer of inner robes they had not taken off. It had been their undergarments.
  • "Wan'er, I will make you mine soon." He stopped just short of outraging her modesty. Where was the fun in it, if he took her there and then? He wanted to have more fun.
  • She liked the sound of it. "Then, can I call you Brother Shang?"
  • "I prefer that you call me 'beloved'."
  • He helped her to her feet and led her excitedly to a nearby stream. It was a magical stream, and the water inside would invigorate and even restore lost cultivation. He looked down at her undergarments, and she blushed profusely.
  • "Turn around."